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Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Lighthouse HR Support is your expert for all things HR. We specialize in helping businesses with their A-Z issues and processes. We can streamline important documents like employee handbooks, develop effective retention programs, review termination practices, and create training programs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Workplace Investigations
  • Disciplinary Meetings
  • Employee & Management training
  • Harassment Prevention and Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Candid Conversations
  • Employee evaluations & performance reviews
  • Termination meetings
  • Quarterly Unemployment benefit audits
  • Electronic Unemployment Claims Management
  • Employee Handbook with a subscription of suggested addendums based on employment law changes
Get management and diversity training for your teamGet expert training for your staff and managersWe can help audit your benefits to save money

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"I can't say enough fabulous things about Lighthouse HR Support! They have been instrumental in helping us build a strong business foundation and streamline and improve our operations. They are extremely responsive and operate with the utmost integrity. Their support has been invaluable to our business."

Mara Hardy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between utilizing human resource (HR) consulting services and paying a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

A PEO often offers a package deal for payroll services, limited HR support, workers’ compensation packages, and benefits. It is an all or none kind of thing. Additionally, they fail to customize services to the specific culture and preferences of the organization and business owner. Lighthouse HR Support (LHRS) offers expertise in all HR functions to support the organization’s culture and individualized needs. Even though HR consulting doesn’t offer the payroll services or workers’ compensation claims processing, they provide the knowledge to assist with these aspects.

Does partnering with an HR consultant cost the same as hiring our own HR person?

Working with HR consultants allows the organization to manage HR functions without a true HR presence or to hire an HR Assistant or Generalist with support from the consultant. This often saves the company $15K - $20K per year.

What does an HR Consulting firm offer a full HR team?

Even when a company has a full HR team, they find themselves lacking time to complete research required to create and modify policies, update employee handbooks, review job descriptions, let alone tackle an entire compensation structure. With full HR teams, an HR consultant becomes that second (or fifth) set of hands to tackle the projects that collect dust but are extremely important for compliance. Further, HR consultants remain informed with the fluidness of employment law compliance that busy HR professionals lack the time for.

What are the various areas of support can an HR consultant provide?

The purpose of teaming up with an HR consultant is to support the business in all aspects of HR. Therefore, a valuable partner that understands each function of HR. An “A-Z” approach provides the comprehensive help that busy business owners and HR professionals need. Lighthouse HR Support provides services from background screening, recruitment practices, interviewing assistance, onboarding, group benefits, employee relations, performance management, forms/policy libraries, exit/stay interviews, termination services, and unemployment representatives. And everything in between.

What are the main differences between hiring an employment law attorney and an HR consultant?

Hiring an attorney provides attorney/client privilege which is absent when dealing with a consultant. Therefore, employment law attorneys still represent companies in employment law claims and court cases such as wrongful discharge, discrimination, etc. An HR consultant provides support to these processes in investigating claims or concerns and attending hearings as witnesses to the findings. In addition, attorneys mainly focus on employment law issues while an HR consultant also understands the employee relations, implementation of procedures, and can interpret the legal ease into normal business language.