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As a leading HR Consulting company we offer skilled unemployment representation to defend your rights as an employer. Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims exist to protect employees from financial hardships, but fraudulent claims and tax rates can seriously hurt your bottom line. Your company needs efficient and effective UI claim management solutions to protect your resources.

reduce turnover and improve employee retention

Reduce Risk

Fraudulent UI claims drain your bottom line. Stay ahead of costly claims with professional electronic claim services management. We help manage fraudulent claims and represent your interests in the case of a hearing.

Control Cost

Controlling rising UI costs is a critical and challenging task, no matter how time consuming and tedious this process may be. Learn how to implement UI cost-control measures by working with us, an experienced human resources provider.

Working With us

Without professional claim management, you're likely paying too much in taxes and unwarranted unemployment claims. We offer personalized strategies to potentially lower your unemployment expenses. As your HR Consultant, we will:

  • Handle the day-to-day operations of your unemployment claims process using state of the art electronic software
  • Represent your rights as an employer in the UI hearings
  • Reduce your unemployment tax liabilities
  • Educate your company on effective unemployment claim practices
We offer professional unemployment claims management

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"Bighorn Consulting Engineers has used Kelly at Lighthouse HR for the past couple of years for HR support. As a small engineering firm, we do know math and engineering, but sometimes HR functions get ignored because we "don't have the time" or "don't know what to do". This is unacceptable in today's small business atmosphere. Kelly does as little or as much as is needed to keep us out of trouble and compliant with new laws, regulations and just the "right way to do things". It allows a small business like ours to operate correctly without having to employ a full time HR person that we can't afford. The items and service we receive from Kelly are at a reasonable price, very professional and in a timely manner"

Bighorn Consulting Engineers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lighthouse HR Support for UI claims management?

Our systems in place are state of the art in managing the UI claims process which make our ability to manage and process your UI claims second to none. With UI technology we easily track critical dates and deadlines to ensure a timely response to all UI claims and appeals. With world class results.

With our personalized customer service we are proactive, responsive and attentive to your needs.  We help you manage the UI Compliance process (no late, no info received) claims responses and save you time, money and resources to spend on other needed services.

We make ourselves available to your managers and supervisors who are typically the individuals that have the most knowledge of the separation, therefore providing the most credible information and witnesses. We can customize our processes to fit your needs while providing greater responsiveness and follow through in our servicing.

We have the expertise and experience to service single state or multistate employers and we know what the differing states requirements are, so you don’t have to.

Our typical ROI is $7 to $10 in savings for every dollar invested. 

What is the advantage of aggressively managing my Unemployment Insurance costs?

Employers who actively pursue an aggressive claims management program and reduce the charges that are assessed to your account can save a significant amount of money. Preventing unemployment claims being charged to your account directly affects your organization’s unemployment tax rate.  This lower tax could mean significant savings in tax dollars.

Why should I use an unemployment insurance cost control company like Lighthouse HR Support?

The employment security system is unique to the labor relations arena.  It has its own set of statutes and regulations.  These laws and regulations vary from state to state and can be very difficult to follow if you do not deal with it every day.  The advantage of using LHRS is that we have a highly experienced and trained staff that deals in this arena every day.  We use this experience and knowledge to represent your organization’s position in the best possible manner.  By utilizing this expertise, we prevent claims from being charged to your account, thus significantly reducing your tax liability.

What separates Lighthouse HR Support from other cost control companies?

Our service is based on our fundamental service goals. We want to save you time and tax dollars, while providing your management team with unparalleled customer service. We have made a concerted effort to focus on customer service and maintain the highest level of expertise in our claims management department. It is our philosophy to treat each claim as a unique event and to tailor our response to correspond to the circumstances of the separation from work. We believe in having a single point of contact for each of our clients, so that the process is seamless, and we process claims in a timely and comprehensive manner. Many of our clients view their individual claims representative as a valued member of their own internal human resource team.

How much can I expect to save?

The savings begins automatically when we remove the burden of handling the actual claim from your staff. The savings continues as we prevent claims from being assessed to your account. Each claim can cost an employer from between $6,000 and $13,000. As we prevent each of these claims from being charged to your account, this has a positive effect on your unemployment tax account. This long-term savings is a cumulative result that is realized in the reduced tax rates that your organization will experience.

Do you provide online reporting?

Yes. Our database program was designed with ease and security in mind. Not only will you be able to view your organization’s claim information, but you can also respond and submit claim information without ever leaving our secured web-portal. We offer the ability to view “live” any individual claim allowing our clients to track a specific claimant as it progresses through the system. We also offer detailed reports and custom reports upon the request of the employer.